Technical Program

Program Sessions: Wednesday May 29th 2:00 PM – 5:05 PM

Session 9: Advanced Processes for Chip Stacking
Committee: Materials & Processing
Room: Crest 3-5

Session Co-Chairs:

Qianwen Chen
IBM Research
Email: [email protected]

Vidya Jayaram
Email: [email protected]


1. IR Laser Release for 3D Stacked Devices: Effect of The Release Stack Structure on the Debonding Mechanism
François Chancerel — imec
Peter Urban — EV Group, Inc.
John Slabbekoorn — imec
Steven Brems — imec
Julian Bravin — EV Group, Inc.
Alain Phommahaxay — imec
Thomas Uhrmann — EV Group, Inc.
Markus Wimplinger — EV Group, Inc.
Eric Beyne — imec

2. High Performance 3D Package Technology for Mobile Application Processor (AP)
Sun Jae Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Cheol Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Huiyeong Jang — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jongpa Hong — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seongyo Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Yongwon Choi — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Chajea Jo — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sun-Kyung Seo — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dong Kwan Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dae-Woo Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

3. Room Temperature Bonding of CVD Polycrystalline Diamond Wafers to Semiconductor and Piezo-Electric Single Crystalline Wafers
Tadatomo Suga — Meisei University
Junsha Wang Suga — Meisei University
Kazuya Yamamura — Osaka University
Izumi Kataoka — IIPT Inc.

4. Bump-Less Interconnect With Room Temperature Pre-Bondable Adhesive and Solder for High Throughput Chip Stacking
Wataru Okada — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Yuzo Nakamura — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Yasuhisa Kayaba — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Takuo Shikama — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Yutaka Hisamune — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Kahori Tamura — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Satoshi Inada — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Rikia Furusho — Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

5. IR Laser Debond From Silicon Carrier Wafers With Inorganic Thin Film Release Layers for High-Density 2.5D and 3D Integration
Thomas Sounart — Intel Corporation
Tushar Talukdar — Intel Corporation
Henning Braunisch — Intel Corporation
Paul Nordeen — Intel Corporation
Kimin Jun — Intel Corporation
Aleksandar Aleksov — Intel Corporation
Adel Elsherbini — Intel Corporation
Shawna Liff — Intel Corporation
Johanna Swan — Intel Corporation

6. Backside Thinning Process Development for High-Density TSV in a 3-Layer Integration
Renan Bouis — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Lionel Vignoud — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Jerome Dechamp — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Damien Hebras — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Paul Valentin — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Jeremy Marchand — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Stephan Borel — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Myriam Assous — CEA-LETI

7. Process Development and Characterization of Ru-Based UBM for In Bumps Integration for Quantum Computing Applications
Harold Le Tulzo — Technic France
Diane Bijou — Technic France
Thérèse Souza — Technic France
Anthony Gallegos — Technic France
Candice Thomas — CEA-LETI
Edouard Deschaseaux — CEA-LETI
Céline Feautrier — CEA-LETI
Jean Charbonnier — CEA-LETI
Alain Gueugnot — CEA-LETI
Jaber Derakhshandeh — imec
Tassawar Hussain — imec
Jérôme Daviot — Technic France