Technical Program

Program Sessions: Wednesday May 29th 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 5: Digital Healthcare: Wearable Sensors, and Flexible Electronics
Committee: Emerging Technologies
Room: Summit 6-7

Session Co-Chairs:

Rabindra N. Das
MIT Lincoln Labs
Email: [email protected]

Hee Seok Kim
University of Washington Tacoma
Email: [email protected]


1. Integration of a Flexible Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Battery with a Wireless Charging System and a Flexible Micro-LED Array
Guangqi Ouyang — University of California, Los Angeles
Subramanian Iyer — University of California, Los Angeles

2. Ferrite-Based NFC Antenna and Sensor Package Module Development for Implantable Continuous Glucose Monitor
Gaurav Mehrotra — Renesas Electronics Corporation
Young Kim — Renesas Electronics Corporation
Marko Mailand — Renesas Electronics Corporation
James Masciotti — Senseonics, Inc.
Ginger Huang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Taiwan
Jackson Chen — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Taiwan
Ryan Lai — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Taiwan

3. Evaluation of Materials for the Design and Development of Sustainable Low-Cost Single-Use Electrode Leads for Wearable Medical Devices
Babatunde Falola — Binghamton University
Riadh Al-Haidari — Binghamton University
Udara Somarathna — Binghamton University
Bryan Cabrera — Binghamton University
Nancy Stoffel — General Electric Global Research
Gurvinder Khinda — General Electric Healthcare
Tzu-Jen Felix Kao — General Electric Healthcare
Mohammed Alhendi — Binghamton University
Mark D Poliks — Binghamton University
Rafael Tudela — Tapecon, Inc.

4. Conformal Skin Patch for Dehydration Monitoring in Dementia Patients
Musafargani Sikkandhar — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Ramona B. Damalerio — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Wei Da Toh — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Ming-Yuan Cheng — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR

5. Silicon-Based Membrane Pressure Sensor for Inline Monitoring of Pressure and Hermeticity of Small-Volume Bonded Packages
Jannik Koch — Institute of Micro Production Technology
Levin Brinkmann — Institute of Micro Production Technology
Alexander Kassner — Institute of Micro Production Technology
Folke Dencker — Institute of Micro Production Technology
Marc Wurz — Institute of Micro Production Technology

6. Using Flexible Hybrid Electronics on a Miniaturized Non-invasive Bio-optical Sensor For Hemoglobin Detection
Yu-Chih Lee — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Kai-Lun Yu — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Shu-An Tsai — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Pai-Sheng Shih — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Guo-Sin Huang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Tien-Chia Liu — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Tzyy-Wei Fu — National Cheng Kung University
Sheng-Hao Tseng — National Cheng Kung University
Hung-I Lin — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Jen-Chun Chen — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Jen-Kuang Fang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Harrison Chang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

7. A Multi-Channel, Embedded, and Geometrically Optimized Filter Bank Utilizing Advanced Packaging Topologies for Miniaturized RF Modules in IoT and Wearable Systems
Hani Al-Jamal — Georgia Institute of Technology
Marvin Joshi — Georgia Institute of Technology
Nick Kingsley — Teradyne
Manos M. Tentzeris — Georgia Institute of Technology