Technical Program

Program Sessions: Wednesday May 29th 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 4: Reliability of Advanced Substrates and Interconnects
Committee: Applied Reliability
Room: Summit 8-9

Session Co-Chairs:

Christian Schmidt
NVIDIA Corporation
Email: [email protected]

Keith Newman
Email: [email protected]


1. Reliability Assessment of Stacked-Vias With Different Configurations Through a Unit Cell-based Substrate Design
Krishna Tunga — IBM Corporation
Joseph Ross — IBM Corporation
Shidong Li — IBM Corporation
Sushumna Iruvanti — IBM Corporation
Bakul Parikh — IBM Corporation

2. Enhanced Biased HAST Reliability of Polyimide for High-Density Redistribution Layers
Takumi Onuma — HD MicroSystems LLC
Daisaku Matsukawa — HD MicroSystems LLC
Takahiro Tanabe — HD MicroSystems LLC

3. Effect of Lamination Process-Induced Residual Stress on the CTE of Advanced Prepregs Before and After Solder Reflow Process
Byoung-Phil Kang — Chungbuk National University/SIMMTECH
Jong-Yun Lee — Chungbuk National University
Jaesung Kim — SIMMTECH
Jongwoo Park — SIMMTECH
Kyu-Jin Lee — SIMMTECH
Yongrae Jang — University of Maryland
Bongtae Han — University of Maryland

4. Fan-Out PoP Solder Joint Reliability Investigation by System Power Cycling
Chi Ko Yu — MediaTek, Inc.
Techi Wong — MediaTek, Inc.
Hank Hsieh — MediaTek, Inc.
P. H. Tsao — MediaTek, Inc.
M.Z. Lin — MediaTek, Inc.
Liham Chu — MediaTek, Inc.

5. Fatigue-Fracture Propensity Measurement and Competing Risk Model for FCBGA Interfaces Under Sustained Humidity and Temperature Exposure
Pradeep Lall — Auburn University
Aathi Pandurangan — Auburn University
Padmanava Choudhury — Auburn University
Madhu Kasturi — Auburn University
Jeff Suhling — Auburn University

6. Evaluation of Vapor Pressure Induced Debonding Failure in Fan-Out Package Under Reflow Condition
Bo-Shuo Chen — National Cheng Kung University
Tz-Cheng Chiu — National Cheng Kung University
Wei-Jie Yin — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Taiwan
Chin-Li Kao — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Taiwan

7. Characterization of a Piezoresistive Sensor for In-Situ Health Monitoring of Solder Bumps
Adwait Inamdar — Delft University of Technology
Varun Thukral — NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Letian Zhang — NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Jeroen Zaal — NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Michiel van Soestbergen — NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Hanz Tuinhout — NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Willem van Driel — Delft University of Technology
GuoQi Zhang — Delft University of Technology