Technical Program

Program Sessions: Friday May 31st 2:00 PM – 5:05 PM

Session 36: Thermal Management and Cooling Solutions
Committee: Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization
Room: Summit 4-5

Session Co-Chairs:

Patrick McCluskey
University of Maryland
Email: [email protected]

Chris Bailey
Arizona State University
Email: [email protected]


1. Electrical-Thermal Co-analysis of TSV Embedded Microfluidic Pin-fin Heatsink for High Power Dissipation with High Bandwidth Density
Euichul Chung — Georgia Institute of Technology
Geyu Yan — Georgia Institute of Technology
Erik W. Masselink — Georgia Institute of Technology
Muhannad S. Bakir — Georgia Institute of Technology

2. Thermal Mitigation Strategy for Backside Power Delivery Network
Feifan Xie — Purdue University
Rongmei Chen — Peking University
Tiwei Wei — Purdue University

3. Thermal Management of 6-in-1 SiC Power Module With Double-Sided Impingement Cooling
Yong Han — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Gongyue Tang — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR

4. Thermal Performance of an Indium-Silver Alloy Metal TIM for a Large Body Lidded FCBGA After EOL and Long-term Reliability Tests
SangHyuk Kim — Amkor Technology Korea
EunSook Sohn — Amkor Technology Korea
YoungDo Kweon — Amkor Technology, Inc.
KyungRok Park — Amkor Technology Korea

5. AI-Driven Cold Plate Design and Optimization
Yue Wu — Cadence Design Systems
Eric Chu — Cadence Design Systems
Fiona Shiau — Cadence Design Systems
Nathan Ai — Cadence Design Systems
Albert Zeng — Cadence Design Systems
Hoa Pham — Cadence Design Systems

6. Heat Dissipation Measurement in Flip-Chip Package Using Microfabricated Temperature Sensors on Lid
Arsène Guédon — University of Sherbrooke
Nizar Bouguerra — University of Sherbrooke
Étienne Paradis — University of Sherbrooke
Éric Duchesne — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Stéphanie Allard — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Hélène Frémont — University of Bordeaux
Dominique Drouin — University of Sherbrooke

7. Innovative Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Solutions for High-Power Advanced Packages
Sumit Sharma — National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Aqbal Ahmad — National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
ICheng Huang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Ying-Xu Lu — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Hung-Hsien Huang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Chen-Chao Wang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Chih-Pin Hung — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Chi-Chuan Wang — National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University