Technical Program

Program Sessions: Friday May 31st 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 28: Optical Interconnections
Committee: Photonics

Session Co-Chairs:

Ping Zhou
LDX Optronics
Email: [email protected]

Masao Tokunari
Email: [email protected]


1. Fiber Array Attach for Co-Packaged Optics: High-Volume Production Process Control and Performance
Paul Gond-Charton — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Sebastien Gouin — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Steve Pellerin — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Louis-Michel Collin — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Michelle Sevigny — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Patrick Jacques — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Elaine Cyr — IBM Canada, Ltd.

2. Photonic Building Blocks for Board-Level Disaggregation in Hyperscale Systems
Richard Pitwon — Resolute Photonics, Ltd.
Bernard Lee — Senko Advance Components
Tiger Ninomiya — Senko Advance Components
Michael O'Farrell — Senko Advance Components

3. Interfacing Silicon Photonics for CPO
Geert Van Steenberge — imec/Ghent University
Jef Van Asch — imec/Ghent University
Viktor Geudens — imec/Ghent University
Toon De Baere — imec/Ghent University
Nele De Moerlooze — imec/Ghent University
Jeroen Missinne — imec/Ghent University
Joris Van Campenhout — imec

4. High Power Performance Assessment of Low-Loss Spot Size Converter based on Self-Aligned Passive Fiber Attach Process
Arpan Dasgupta — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Jae Kyu Cho — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Yusheng Bian — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Takako Hirokawa — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Zahidur Chowdhury — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Farid Barakat — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
John Garant — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Yarong Lin — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Thomas Houghton — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Arman Najafi — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Ryan Sporer — GlobalFoundries, Inc.
Michelle Zhang — GlobalFoundries, Inc.

5. A Compact, High Performance Passive Optical Network Transceiver Integration Approach
Mark Earnshaw — Nokia Bell Labs
Cris Bolle — Nokia Bell Labs
Robert Farah — Nokia Bell Labs
Rose Kopf — Nokia Bell Labs
Mark Cappuzzo — Nokia Bell Labs
Tzu-Yung Huang — Nokia Bell Labs
Cuong Tran — Nokia Bell Labs
Tam Huynh — Nokia Bell Labs

6. Structural Design of Waveguide for Low Loss Adiabatic Coupler With Si Photonics Chip
Takaaki Ishigure — Keio University
Fumimasa Kondo — Keio University
Yuji Furuta — Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Hisashi Kaneda — Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Tomoharu Fujii — Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.