Technical Program

Program Sessions: Thursday May 30th 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 18: Radio Frequency Antenna-in-Package and Component Design
Committee: RF, High-Speed Components & Systems
Room: Summit 4-5

Session Co-Chairs:

Amit P. Agrawal
Email: [email protected]

Sungwook Moon
Email: [email protected]


1. Design and Simulation Study of 300-GHz Molded Patch Antenna in Packaging Substrate
Harshpreet Singh Phull Bakshi — Texas Instruments, Inc.
Rajen Murugan — Texas Instruments, Inc.
Sylvester Ankamah-Kusi — Texas Instruments, Inc.

2. Wideband Antennas on Thin-Film Packaging Substrates for 140 GHz 6G Applications
Thi Huyen Le — Fraunhofer IZM
Michael Phillip Kaiser — Fraunhofer IZM
Julia-Marie Köszegi — Fraunhofer IZM
Kavin Senthil Murugesan — Fraunhofer IZM
Lutz Gerhold — Fraunhofer IZM
Habib Hichri — Ajinomoto Fine-Techno USA Corporation
Ryohei Oishi — Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Reki Nakano — Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Ivan Ndip — Fraunhofer IZM
Martin Schneider-Ramelow — Fraunhofer IZM

3. Miniaturized Highly-Efficient Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Cavity Slot Antenna at 28 GHz Based on Through Fused-Silica Via (TFS) Technology
Hanna Jang — University of Florida
Payman Pahlavan — University of Florida
Yong-Kyu Yoon — University of Florida

4. A Compact mmWave 1x4 Antenna Array Design With Shorted Parasitic Elements for 5G AiP Applications
Sheng-Chi Hsieh — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Cheng-Yu Ho — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)

5. High-Performance Polymer Microwave Fiber Coupler in eWLB Package for Sub-THz Communication
Vasileios Liakonis — Infineon Technologies AG/National Technical University of Athens
Yannis Papananos — National Technical University of Athens
Maciej Wojnowski — Infineon Technologies AG
Walter Hartner — Infineon Technologies AG

6. RF Modelling and Characterization of TSVs and Inductive Links of Hybrid Bonded Devices
Xiao Sun — imec
Chin-Ya Su — imec
Shih-Hung Chen — imec
Soon Aik Chew — imec
Boyao Zhang — imec
Eric Beyne — imec

7. Terahertz Metasurfaces on Flex Using Aerosol Jet Printing and a Novel Parylene Lift-off Process
Sambit Kumar Ghosh — Michigan State University
Ethan Kepros — Michigan State University
Yihang Chu — Michigan State University
Bhargav Avireni — Michigan State University
Brian Wright — Michigan State University
Premjeet Chahal — Michigan State University