Technical Program

Program Sessions: Thursday May 30th 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 16: Reliability of High-Density and High-Power Packages
Committee: Applied Reliability
Room: Summit 8-9

Session Co-Chairs:

Scott Savage
Medtronic Microelectronics
Email: [email protected]

Nokibul Islam
JCET Group
Email: [email protected]


1. Structural Characterization of 2.5D System in Package Combined With High Bandwidth Memory for Enhanced Quality and Reliability
Byoungdo Lee — SK Hynix, Inc.
Jinwoo Choi — SK Hynix, Inc.
Sangyong Lee — SK Hynix, Inc.
Jinwoo Park — SK Hynix, Inc.
Gyujei Lee — SK Hynix, Inc.
Kangwook Lee — SK Hynix, Inc.

2. Reliability Investigations of Advanced Photosensitive Polymer Based RDL Processes Protected by Inorganic Capping Layers
Emmanuel Chery — imec
Ritwik Bhatia — Veeco
Ganesh Sundaram — Veeco
Nelson Pinho — imec
Eric Beyne — imec

3. Alternative Techniques for Cross-Sectioning and Quality Analysis of Solder-TIM Joints With Soft Indium Alloys
Ali Davoodabadi — Universal Instruments Corp.
Daniel VanHart — Universal Instruments Corp.
Peter McClure — Universal Instruments Corp.

4. Fusing Current Characterization of Various Cu RDL Designs in Wafer Level Packages
JeongMin Ju — Amkor Technology Korea/Amkor Technology, Inc.
Nathan Whitchurch — Amkor Technology, Inc.
JiYeon Yoon — Amkor Technology Korea/Amkor Technology, Inc.
EunSook Sohn — Amkor Technology Korea/Amkor Technology, Inc.

5. Electromigration Failure Mechanisms of Cu-Cu Joints at Low Stressing Temperatures
Shih-Chi Yang — Department of Materials and Science Engineering
Chih Chen — National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

6. A Data-Driven Machine Learning Model for the Stress-Strain Behavior of Single Grain SAC305 Solder Joints
Debabrata Mondal — Auburn University
Jeffrey Suhling — Auburn University
Elham Mirkoohi — Auburn University
Pradeep Lall — Auburn University

7. BGA Electromigration Behavior and Why it Has Become the Bottleneck
Riet Labie — imec
Wolfgang Sauter — Marvell Technology, Inc.
Eric Tremble — Marvell Technology, Inc.
Richard Graf — Marvell Technology, Inc.
Chinmay Nawghane — imec
Dimitrios Tsiakos — imec
Jan Mertens — imec