Technical Program

Program Sessions: Thursday May 30th 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 14: Breakthrough Ultra-Fine Pitch Redistribution Layer and Solder Bumping Technologies
Committee: Interconnections
Room: Aurora D

Session Co-Chairs:

Seung Yeop Kook
Email: [email protected]

Wei Zhou
Email: [email protected]


1. A Study on Improvement and Extension of Fine-Pitch Micro-Bump Interconnects Technology: New Metallurgy & Flux-Less Oxide-Removal Laser Assembly (FLOLA)
Seok-Geun Ahn — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Ju-Hyeon Oh — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Gwang-Jae Jeon — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dae-Ho Lee — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seok-Hyun Lee — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

2. A Novel Copper Microporous-Assisted Bonding Method for Fine-Pitch Cu/Sn Microbump 3D Interconnects
Keyu Wang — Purdue University
Shuhang Lyu — Purdue University
Tiwei Wei — Purdue University

3. Challenges and Innovations in Dual Damascene Polymer RDL With 2 µm Pitch and Beyond
Benjamin Briggs — Applied Materials, Inc.
Roger Quon — Applied Materials, Inc.
Chris Bencher — Applied Materials, Inc.
Ryan Ley — Applied Materials, Inc.
C.C. Chuang — Applied Materials, Inc.
Peng Suo — Applied Materials, Inc.
Andy Chang Bum Yong — Applied Materials, Inc.
Luisa Bozano — Applied Materials, Inc.
Jorge Fernandez — Applied Materials, Inc.
Prayundi Lianto — Applied Materials, Inc.
Niranjan Khasgiwale — Applied Materials, Inc.
Siddarth Krishnan — Applied Materials, Inc.

4. Void Migration Kinetics in Fine Line Cu RDL Under Electric Current Stressing and the Improvement of Electromigration Reliability by Polyimide Passivation
Yen-Cheng Huang — National Cheng Kung University
Min-Yan Tsai — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Ting-Chun Lin — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Yung-Sheng Lin — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (US)
Kwang-Lung Lin — National Cheng Kung University
Chih-Pin Hung — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Chen-Chao Wang — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

5. Reliable Chiplet Integration on High Density Laminate (2.X D) for AI Hardware
Divya Taneja — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Jonathan Pouliot-Grenier — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Joseph Ross — IBM Research
Horiyuki Mori — IBM Research, Tokyo
Sathya Raghavan — IBM Research
Brian Quinlan Quinlian — IBM Systems
Griselda Bonilla — IBM Research
Thomas Wassick — IBM Systems
Isabel de Sousa — IBM Canada, Ltd.

6. Zero-Misalignment Technology Achieves 333 IO/mm/Layer on Mold
Veronica Strong — Intel Corporation
Trianggono Widodo — Intel Corporation
Holly Sawyer — Intel Corporation
Carolyn Aubertine — Intel Corporation
Aleksandar Aleksov — Intel Corporation
Johanna Swan — Intel Corporation

7. Additive Manufacturing of High-Density (2.5 Micrometer L/S) Ag-Cu Stacked Interconnects on Organic Substrates
Shrivani Pandiya — University of Sherbrooke
Christophe Sansregret — Centre de Collaboration MiQroInnovation (C2MI)
Isabel De Sousa — IBM Canada, Ltd.
Serge Ecoffey — University of Sherbrooke
Yann Beilliard — University of Sherbrooke
Dominique Drouin — University of Sherbrooke