Technical Program

Program Sessions: Wednesday May 29th 2:00 PM – 5:05 PM

Session 11: Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Secure Packaging
Committee: Emerging Technologies
Room: Summit 6-7

Session Co-Chairs:

Rohit Sharma
IIT Ropar
Email: [email protected]

Santosh Kudtarkar
Analog Devices
Email: [email protected]


1. Reworkable Superconducting Qubit Package for Quantum Computing
Rabindra Das — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
John Cummings — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Thomas Hazard — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Danna Rosenberg — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
David Conway — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Shireen Warnock — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Michael Gingras — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Cyrus Hirjibehedin — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Bethany Huffman — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Steven Weber — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Jonilyn Yoder — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Mollie Schwartz — MIT Lincoln Laboratory

2. Key Technologies and Design Aspects for Wafer Level Packaging of High Performance Computing Modules
Kai Zoschke — Fraunhofer IZM
Hermann Oppermann — Fraunhofer IZM
Michael Schiffer — Fraunhofer IZM
Ivan Ndip — Fraunhofer IZM
Karl-Friedrich Becker — Fraunhofer IZM
Marius Adler — Fraunhofer IZM
Alexander Gäbler — Fraunhofer IZM
Uwe Maaß — Fraunhofer IZM
Gianna Paulin — Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Walter Kocon — GlobalFoundries, Inc.

3. Fine Pitch Nb-Nb Direct Bonding for Quantum Applications
Pablo Renaud — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Christophe Dubarry — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Nicolas Bresson — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Edouard Deschaseaux — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Frank Fournel — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Christophe Morales — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Anne-Marie Papon — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Candice Thomas — Grenoble Alps University/CEA-LETI
Jean Charbonnier — CEA-LETI

4. Si Interposer With Cu TSVs on Cu Substrate Thermally and Electrically Anchoring Qubit Chips in Millikelvin Assembly
Misato Taguchi — Kobe University
Takaaki Okidono — Kobe University
Takuji Miki — Kobe University
Makoto Nagata — Kobe University

5. Novel Approach for 3D Defect Detection and Metrology of HBMs Using Minimum Labeled Data
Ziyuan Zhao — Institute for Infocomm Research A*STAR
Qiyu Wei — Institute for Infocomm Research A*STAR
Jie Wang — Institute for Infocomm Research A*STAR
Richard Chang — Institute for Infocomm Research A*STAR
Xulei Yang — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Ramanpreet Pahwa — Institute for Infocomm Research A*STAR

6. Design and Fabrication of 2.5D Cryogenic Interposer With Integrated Superconducting TSVs and Resonators
King Jien Chui — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Hongyu Li — Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR

7. PQC-HI: PQC-enabled Chiplet Authentication and Key Exchange in Heterogeneous Integration
Md Sami Ul Islam Sami — University of Florida
Kimia Zamiri Azar — University of Florida
Hadi Mardani Kamali — University of Florida
Farimah Farahmandi — University of Florida
Mark Tehranipoor — University of Florida